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This website was created as the Final Project for the "Scoala Informala de IT" course. The website is a blog about gaming and video games. it contains a database of video games sorted by genres and also articles in the form of video game reviews and previews. I hope you like my work and enjoy the website as much as I enjoyed creating it.

The blog is created by me, Dumitru Alexandru-Iulian using what I have learned during the 6 month course of Web Design at "Scoala Informala de IT".

The following technologies were used for the creation of this website:


Website's main technology is HTML5. With the help of HTML I have created the website's main structure and layout.

Please notice the background video header on the main page, created using the HTML5 video player and the Pause button added with basic Javascript.


HTML is nothing without the use of CSS. With the helkp of CSS I have created the website's style and appearance.

Also I have used Bootsrap CSS for the website's grid system and mobile responsiveness and for the general styling of elements.


Thanks to Javascript I have managed to improve the website's apperance and functionality.

Javascript has been used for many purposes on this website: The current TabsDropdown Menu, Video Pause button, Smooth Scrolling effect on the secondary menu and many others.

Bootstrap 3

Thanks to Bootstrap the website is Mobile Friendly.

Website's layout is based on the Bootstrap 3 Responsive Grid System. Also bootstrap CSS and Javascript has been used for easy design and functionality.

Just resize your window and see the magic!


PHP is the language used in the Backend.

The Admin Area is created using MVC programming. Also the Pagination, Login and Register areas and other basic fucntionality is created using PHP.


MySQL Databases are used for storing and creating content

Using a MySQL database, I have managed to create the Admin area and stire all my data on the server.


The website is animated with jQuery

Using jQuery I have created all the animation on this website.


Templating is easy thanks to RegEx.

This website is a custom Template that can be easily re-designed with the help of RegEx.


Using all the technologies mentioned above I have managed to create a fully responsive website, featuring an Administrator Area that is connected to a MySQL Database used for easily creating, editing, and deleting content.

The website features:

  • Full Width Video Banner with basis Stop / Play functionality
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Smooth Scrolling Menu
  • Fade in, Fade out and other animations
  • Selectable Tabs
  • Functional Pagination
  • User Login and Register functioanlity
  • Aministrator Area for Content Management
  • Functional Contact Page

Project Checklist

I have created this section in order to check all the fucntionalities I need for the Final Project.

Here's the Checklist:

  • Five Pages from the Database
    • First Person Shooter Games
    • Role Playing Games
    • Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games
    • Previews Article Page
    • Reviews Article Page
  • Login page
  • Contact Page - Saves all info to Dababase and Email
  • Admin Page
    • Display all pages from the Database
    • CRUD on pages
  • Pages with no Java Script Error