Abris Capital

Work closely with “Abris Capital”, a regional private equity fund manager. We are their representatives within NW part of Romania. Abris Capital Fund has over 300,000,000 US$ under administration. Our job is to identify and promote those projects able to fulfill Fund’s requirements (deal sourcing)


Consultant in elaborating and implementing 5 projects under SAPARD Programme, for regional clients. The total non-reimbursable funds were of 5,000,000 EUR. Responsible for preliminary assessment of the projects, financial diagnosis of the clients, co-financing capacity and financial structure of the projects. Also, financial and technical reports for SAPARD National Agency.


Managing Director for Business Park Bistrița Sud, an industrial park located within Bistrița City area, just 100 km away from Cluj Napoca.
Responsible for attracting non-reimbursable financing of EUR 7 Million and for day-by-day operation. Also, responsible for attracting investors within industrial park. Currently, the contracted investments are of EUR 10 Million.